Photoville assignment

At the photoville festival I was fascinated by the Body Talks exhibit presented by Refinary 29. Known for always pushing the envelop on women’s issues and engaging in the conversations concerning women, The body talks exhibit was filled with photography featuring transgender, gender fluid, and general LGBTQIA+ members. The photographers featured in this exhibit were several from Refinery29 and are known for their advocacy in the community.

The female photographers focused on Israel, Liberia, South Korea, Mexico, Russia and Iceland, particularly the bodies of water in these countries,  to discuss  body positivity and its cultural variations among women around the world. “To further explore this notion of how beaches can be both a source of empowerment and anxiety, “Body Talk” weaves in works by photographer Lia Clay, which illuminate the transgender experience during the summer and what ‘safe spaces’ mean to the community.” Said the bio at the exhibit in the Brooklyn site.


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