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The internet has forever changed our lives once it was introduced to our every day lives. It has been in our lives while growing up in our generation. We do not know how it was without the internet…We don’t know how people survived without the internet. In Carr’s book, it taught me to do a little introspection and question myself and my relationship with the internet. I came to realize how truly are dependent on the Internet.

The Internet is accessible anywhere, from our computer, library, and even our phone. We are constantly doing something on these devices while we are attempting to do something else. We can never truly concentrate on one task like Carr says. I thought it was pretty interesting how one person said that they rather research on the internet rather than pick up a book because it was more efficient. That is true, however, it makes me question, where does books have place in the future? Will they still exist? Nicholas Carr’s book continues to make me realize many numerous things that I would not have thought much about earlier. His book is truly insightful and I want to continue reading it and find out what else he has to say.

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