Nicholas Carr has published a book that is meaningful to all the people out there no matter what age group they belong in. Reading books was truthfully out of my range. Even though I say that books aren’t for me, in my everyday routine, I came to realize that I am always doing some type of reading. If I am browsing online and looking at different types of writing online, it is my form of reading. I do read the newspaper online everyday. Nicholas Carr had brought me to understand what technology has done to our minds, that’s what has captivated me the most. Seeing the fact that he was a person who could connect to me, motivated me to read the book.

I liked how Nicholas Carr has brought back to the time when scrolls were invented.  (59) He discussed many forms of writing before we reached to the 21st century. He points out how the Greeks and the Romans adopted scrolls as their primary writing. There was also a saying in which Nicholas Carr has said that I have found true. The author quotes “Reading was like working out a puzzle.” (61) I think this quote was very interesting because it speaks out to all ages and how people from different ages have to go through a puzzle like adventure in order to read. Reading has many parts to it, and it can be portrayed as a puzzle. A puzzle is connecting pieces to be able to finish the production, same using various types of methods to read a book.

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