Recently I’ve been observing myself and habits when it comes to the internet. The first thing I do when opening up google chrome on my laptop is type in Facebook. Even if I just need to check my email, I will open Facebook, then open a new tab for my email. So in the middle of checking or writing my emails, I go and check my Facebook. It’s like Facebook A.D.D. I think it is physically impossible for my fingers to not type in Facebook in the search engine. I think that somehow my fingertips are now programed to type in facebook.com the moment I sign onto the computer. It is nearly impossible to be productive doing anything online, like homework, because 90% of my attention will be on my Facebook.

Even if I’m not on a computer I still always go on my Facebook from the Facebook app on my IPhone. When I get a notification from my Facebook my phone notifies me as if that Facebook notification is a text message.

I believe that Facebook follows me wherever I go. No matter what you do, or where you are you will undoubtably run into that little F. That notorious Facebook icon. Every store, “add us on Facebook”. Every advertisement, “Check us out on Facebook”. It literally makes me think “Hey, I should check my Facebook.” Or “Hmm, I wonder who’s on Facebook.”

Mark Zuckerberg is some kind of brain wizard. He was well aware that he was going to create the most popular most addicting website ever known to man.

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3 Responses to Facehooked

  1. prof. kaufman says:

    Great title! I love the idea of being “facehooked”… I wonder how we can move past this, if we can? I guess Myspace kind of vanished, as did Friendster…but Facebook? Will we all find ourselves at some kind of AA meeting one day–“My name is Erica, I am Facehooked.”

  2. David Heo says:

    Its so true! Facebook is everywhere nowadays! This invasion has spread across the globe faster than any invasion before!… I mean seriously you can’t find a real “quiet” place nowadays and the Internet has become a part of our lives. Its ironic how I tried to quit for this semester for good, but when I started to make more friends and join clubs, they all socialize in Facebook. For instance clubs posting events and announcements on their wall, Facebook chatting. Also the media”sponsors” Facebook b/c everyone is one it sadly… Oh now I have to go b/c I’m once again stuck and trapped in the cyberworld of Facebook.

  3. Facebook is one of the leading companies in the world and there are many reasons behind that. As my computer starts, the first thing i do is log in to my facebook account and want to know what’s happening around and want to keep myself updated. In the news feed it shows what everyone is doing and where they are and what places they been too. It is so addicting that it gives me information about the people that i despise and which creates more hatred, sure facebook is good places where you can share what you want but for me it also seems that you are just behind a computer screen just covering up who you really arent.

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