Chapter 8 & 9- Are you a Google-ian?

In this week’s reading of chapter eight and nine of Nicholas Carr’s book, “The Shallows: What the Internet is Doing to Our Brains” he interestingly discuss about intelligence and the foundation of Google. I found the foundation of Google and its more dept story of Google to be fascinating, because of the fact that when we use Google we don’t think of how it was made, but what it does. I mean really when I could not understand my economics homework I went on Google and understood the subject more.

Also I Liked the fact that the Google’s search engine is a masterpiece of maintaining to be the most reliable and up to date source engine on the internet. And because of this reliability and how useful it is, I can see how people worship Google as god. Its funny though that because it can answer most of your questions that people think of it as god, when its just really a really complex computer system that has been able to store data into the digital world as well managing to organize the data to relevance through the statistics it gets from the users (people that search for). For instance, there are funny results when you type “How to ….” because so many people search for that specific search entry, thus Google based on the popularity of the search would come up fast.  If I was to compare the usefulness of Google or godlikeness, I can only think of the duck tape, which also is a tool that can do so many functions (almost godlike itself) like Google.

Another interesting thing I found this chapter was when it was talking about Google’s business-wise decisions. And I realized that when I go to Google, I realize the beauty of Google search engine is that its very relevant to the search topic, its organized to see clearly and it does not bombard or distract you with advertisements.

I really liked this chapter because we got to know Google in dept of its background story and its goal. Also it really got me to thinking of how these geniuses, such as the creator of Google (Larry Page & Sergey Brin) and Facebook (Mark Zuckerberg) found something that would get people to get hooked on the internet. Google known for its very reliable search engine has made it such a powerful tool because you can learn everything that Google has stored. While Facebook took advantage of the internet and making a social network to make people get addicted, to know the latest news as well as updating your profile.

Now as I end this blog, very close to the deadline and avoiding Professor’s rage for not posting on time, I’m curious of IF there would be a real working artificial intelligence (A.I) since it connects with different topics of research (i.e: psychology, software & programming, etc…) and needs to be together to make it work, and if the AI truly can work and interact with humans fully, would it be a friendly robot and human relationship or will it turn out to be the a cliché of robot movies, where robots become too smart that we fight another?



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