Digital Readers

I don’t understand why the people listed in Nicholas Carrs The Shallows are making such a huge deal about the Kindle in chapter 6. It’s a good investment and it wont take away from reading. As Carr writes, “You can take a book to the beach without worrying about sand getting in its works. You can take it to bed without being nervous about it falling to the floor should you nod off. You can spill coffee on it. You can sit on it . you can put it down on a table, open up to a page your reading, and then when you pick it up a few days later it will still be exactly as you left it. You never have to be concerned about plugging a book into an outlet or having its battery die. ” (Carr, 99).

While Carr makes good points in that quote comparing the book to the computer, he somewhat contradicts himself. For all the people that “wrote” reviews about how the Kindle was damaging, did they physically write it on a pen and paper, or did they type it on the computer. My guess is most of them typed it, including Carr when he wrote the book. If it is okay for them to write on the internet, it should be okay to read. A kindle is not even the internet. If you are on a beach with a kindle, there is no internet access for you to connect to. My kindle serves only as a book to me. I think people are making too much of a deal about it.

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