Free Choice: Google? It Won’t Judge Us

Nowadays, when we want to find something out, we tend to “Google it” rather than go read a book or find the wanted information from another source. All the information is in the reach within us on our computers. Google is where we go to, to get most of our questions answered. Overall, Google is very helpful, and it is a tool we tend to use a lot. Google can possibly be one of the smartest business ideas ever made. We’re able to get a bunch of websites all narrowed into one keyword. “Googling” is simple and efficient. We use good for numerous reasons; whether it may be to research something for school, to find things that interest us, to entertain us, but most of all to feed our curiosity. Whenever I am unsure of something, I tend to turn to Google; the one place I know I can figure something out without feeling embarrassed to ask. Google was very revolutionary within the computer era, where would most of us be without Google?

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