Reading Log. Chapter 8.

The internet has really impacted our lives and is our way of making things much easier for us. Using the internet has made the times where technology was never invented, difficult. We no longer use our primary sources to do things, instead we take the easy way out and accomplish things much faster by relying on machines.  I will focus on Chapter 8 of The Shallows by Nicholas Carr and how it contained various arguments in which I found very interesting.

Fredrick Winslow Taylor who have conducted many experiments declares ” In the past the man has been first, in the future the system has been first.” (pg 150) I found this quote to be very interesting because he describes how the transition has become and how society has become. What society use to be was everything man made, now that technology has developed more skillfully, there is no need for man made objects if we have things like machines to get things done quick.

Google as a matter of fact is my favorite search engine. I use Google for my projects and when it is needed to do research. The quote that surprised me the most was “Google’s profits are tied directly to the velocity of people’s information intake, the faster we surf across the surface of the Web, the more links we click and pages we view, the more opportunities that Google gets to feed us advertisements.” (pg 156) I never thought of Google in that way. The whole quote applies to me. Usually when I do research using Google, there would be various annoying popups all the time and I wasn’t really aware of what kinds of stuff people get captivated by. I’m amazed how Google makes money just by that. Even though, I am a long time Google user, it is still shocking how by one click away and having an advertisement pop up, the person on the computer may end up buying the products that are advertised.

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  1. Anna Mai says:

    Have you ever heard of “GoodSearch”? You wrote about how Google profits from every click because of advertisements and GoodSearch runs on the same idea. GoodSearch is a search engine (just like Google) but every search you make donates $0.01 to a charity of your choice! This is one reason I like using GoodSearch; your clicks and searches become used for good 🙂

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