Paper #2

After reading over my essay I found that my topic was too broad. I need to take one specific aspect of my 21st century classroom and stick to it. My thesis needs some work as well. It should give a strong idea of what my essay is going to be about. If I have a poor thesis statement, I leave my readers with a bad first impression of the essay.

I also need to step away from the traditional essay writing process that I’ve learned in high school. I find that this process hinders my ability to write what I truly want to write. The old fashioned “5 paragraph essay” is not the best writing method and will not work for this course. With all these revision ideas, i hope to write a well structured and analyzed essay.

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  1. erica kaufman says:

    Aaron, This all sounds good. But, what exactly are you thinking about what your thesis might turn out to be? EJK

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