paper #2

As I was looking over my paper, I realized that I still have a far way to go. The main problem I’m having is clarifying my main central idea and organizing it to make it flow throughout the paper. I feel as if I’m just being too basic and vague. In this first draft, I remember how difficult it was for me. I had to think about my topic for about three hours, before I really started to write something. I couldn’t support enough details from my topic.

I’m starting to revise my paper by creating an outline of it so that I know what to write. I’m struggling with how I’m start out with an interesting and relatable topic. I wonder how everybody else is really doing. I feel like I can’t leave writing this paper in the last minute because there are many different of ideas. In my next paper I hope that I can be more specific and direct. I’m excited about being able

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  1. erica kaufman says:

    Liz–tell me more! what do you imagine your thesis being? EJK

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