Like Stars in A Clear Night Sky by Sharif Ezzat

This poem first attracted me by its title. I thought it would be interesting what type of poem would come with this title. When I clicked it, a guy began speaking in a foreign language with English subtitles. Although I didn’t understand what he was saying, his voice was very soothing and it gave an interesting effect to the poem. He allowed us to pick a story about other people and read them.

In Ezzat’s poem he speaks of the many stories of people he has. He says, “Picking a story is like picking out a star in a clear night sky.” It made me think deeper about the poem and its relevance to the title. It’s interesting how at night time there are millions of other people looking at the night sky as well.  It made me think about how everyone has a different story and how the stars sees these people and their lives. We  all wish on stars and I feel like each star has many wishes that are granted upon them and it carries all these wishes with them. The night sky makes us realize how insignificant we are because there are millions and billions of other people throughout the world with their own stories and their own problems. But there is one thing that we all have in common; we all have stories and we all have problems.

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