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As I was reading chapter 7, “The Changing Worker”, I learned that workers play an extremely important role in the workplace. If the workers are exceptional, the company will become exceptional. We have to learn how to make the workers the most productive in order to achieve great things in the workplace.
In Lawanda’s case we learn that workers need to see themselves from a different point of view and reflect upon the choices and decisions people make. This will help people understand the strong points and their weak points. They will be able to learn from their mistakes and be sure to either correct it or make sure it doesn’t happen again. This will lead to a more healthy workplace. In Sonne’s case, his son was autistic. He wanted to find away where his son can get a job and be are productive member of society. He realized how to use their skills effectively. Sonne started up his company called Specialisterne where he employed: NTs, autistics and people with Aspergers syndrome. Auties and Aspies perform better in areas that NT’s don’t perform well in. ┬áSonne was “able to understand what gifts his son might have and where those particular gifts might be useful.”┬áSonne was able to make every worker efficient in his company no matter what their restrictions.
There are a few more cases where we see the impact of changing workers. Regan started her own company and made it in a way where she thought about the work place in the future. Regan said, “The workplace of the future had to start taking into account the life desires, not just the work ambitions, of workers.” Regan decided to make the schedule around the workers needs, not necessarily the companies. She found this to be very effective to her company because people were able to perform their job better. She took the best of the best and adjusted her company around the workers needs. Her company as a result was very successful. In Battier’s case he was able to see everyones special attributes and made each of these qualities worker together in order to benefit his team. He was able to make the team better and more effective. As for Wales, he was one of the creators in Wikipedia. He wanted a place where “every single person on the planet hsas free access to the sum of all knowledge.” Many thought he would of had failed, but he had succeeded. In Quaintance’s case he wanted to be able to make an eco-friendly building. He created one of the best green hotels. Quaintance had an idea that he wanted to take an action upon and he was very successful. He learned about the environment and what he can do about making his hotel eco-friendly with his team members. Together they were able to make the hotel possible. All these examples show how changing the way we treat workers can change the way we work in general. Without the changing the workers, we cannot change the workplace.

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