Digital Essay

I think the digital essays will be very interesting. However, I am concerned with the idea of how to create one. I am not extremely adept with the computer. I would not know even where to start. I want to learn the programs that I will be able to use in order to create a digital essay. It will help me create an amazing project.

Besides the issue of not knowing how to create one, I would also be concerned about how to create the digital aspect of the project that would capture my audience. I want to make it interesting and entertaining as possible. Also, I need to find how to make the topic of my paper to be clear through the video to my audience. I want them to understand my creative design and see my topic through my eyes.

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4 Responses to Digital Essay

  1. Amy Zeng says:

    I am also having the same concern as you Melin. I am concerned how my thesis or my topic would come across the audience. I am looking forward to Tuesday’s lecture. I hope we are able to learn the different tricks in developing our YouTube vid.

  2. Melin says:

    Yes Amy, I agree… I just read your concerns as well and I think that we have the same exact mindset at the moment for this Digital Essay.

  3. EKaufman says:

    But, what do you think you want to make? A movie? a cartoon?

  4. Melin says:

    I think I might be more interested in a cartoon. But I will only know for sure when I figure out what my paper is going to be about.

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