Digital Essay

This is the one thing that I wanted to avoid the most: the digital essay. When I first saw digital essay on the class syllabus  I thought to myself that these are points that I’m already going to lose. At first, I thought the digital essay was going to be a solo thing but after hearing that it’ll be connected with the third paper put me at ease a bit. It still means that I’ll have to do a somewhat difficult task. Writing a 5-7 page paper on a poem seems like a difficult task right now because I have no idea what to write about. It also mean I need to focus and create a good thesis.

I’m also a bit worried on how should I even start doing this because I’m not much of an expert on how to do those type of things. Then comes the what and how should I do it question but it’s a bit too early. The videos that we saw in class did help me a bit but at the same time got me worrying. I feel once I find my thesis the rest will be a piece of cake but finding a thesis is easier said than then.

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  1. EKaufman says:

    Try to begin by thinking about this…in an ideal world, what kind of short movie would you want to try to make?

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