Digital Essay/ Preparation #2

When I first heard of digital essay, the first thing that came to mind was a visual that symbolized an essay. After seeing a couple of videos on our blog. I became to understand the purpose of the video. The video’s show a different message in each one and the thesis of each video is almost like it is hidden, waiting for the viewer to find out. It was fun to be able to see many different scenarios in the videos and how it represented each and every one of their arguments.

The major question in which I am struggling with would be how am I able to create a video based on a thesis or my paper that is based on a poem? How am I going to write a 5-7 page essay based on a poem that is not even a page long? How am I able to display this essay and turn it into an inspiring video? Several questions begun to circle around my head.Though I was very surprised on the digital essays in which I have seen so far.

My other major concern is how to be able to create the video itself. I browse through YouTube everyday but have no idea how they put all the images together or create effects. I think that the presentation on Tuesday will really benefit us because not all of us in the class is able to make a YouTube video. I think the major problem that is going to be held in the overall class would be how to connect a thesis statement to a visual, a YouTube video that would express much more.

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  1. EKaufman says:

    But, what do you want to make? What kind of video do you imagine you might do?

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