Abu Hassan Hummus

Found on Hadolphin Street 1 in Tel Aviv Israel is the authentic styled, family-owned hummus hub, Abu Hassan! Look for the green awning with all Hebrew writing on it. This will let you know that you have reached your destination. Upon entering the shop, you will be greeted with a warm smile by Abu himself who is usually wearing a shirt that is a bit too tight and exposes his hummus belly. The menu is very small and features only a select few hummus staples. Amongst these options are Hummus Complete, Hummus full, Hummus Eggplant, Hummus meat. and Hummus Plain. I do not believe that they have an English menu, but Abu is super friendly and I am sure he will eventually figure out what the heck you are asking for.  Beware, this is a very popular shop with limited seating. On a busy day, there might be a line out the door. Israeli’s do not play around about their hummus and do not have the patience to wait in line. So hustle your way to Abu and he will make your hummus fantasies come true! Indulge responsibly, Abu’s hummus is thick!!!

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