Hummus Habayit

Found on 47 Allenby Street in Tel Aviv is Hummus Habayit which translates to hummus at home. The restaurant and food are certainly homey and are worth your visit.  The restaurant is very inviting and has a cute red theme. The chairs and table mats, menus, and walls are all red. This is not your take out hummus spot or each standing up over a ledge type of place. Instead, there are chairs and tables where you can sit and enjoy some hummus with your pals or family. The menu is pretty extensive and offers all types of hummus options for every hummus pallet. Want hummus with olives? Want hummus with meat? How about hummus with roasted walnuts? Make your way to Hummus Habayit and they can make it happen. This place is not your ordinary hummus restaurant. In fact, they were consistently rated top hummus spot in Tel Aviv in multiple magazines and websites. Just checkout their yelp reviews to read people raving about the place. So what are you waiting for? Make yourself at home at Hummus Habayit!