Podcasting and Radio News

Podcast Pitch #2

I plan to do this podcast on a 22-year-old artist and musician named Emelia Vero. Born and raised to Hispanic parents in the Bronx, her influences are most evident in her music. I hope to interview her about her career, and also get some natural sound from her performances or from her studio sessions.

Podcast Pitch 2

In my second podcast, I plan on discussing this program called The Fellowship Initiative (TFI). TFI is approaching its 10 year anniversary and I would like to discuss with some of the students what the program means to them. The program is centered around ~60 young men of color in New York and in other location. This is a leadership program that encourages young high school students academically, professionally, and socially. This program also gives these young men the space to discuss societal issues where each individual is given a chance to figure out who they are.

I think this program is newsworthy because people need to know that this program exists, especially for young men in high school who are struggling to find who they are.

Podcast #2 – Pitch for Radio News Story

For my second podcast, I would like to cover the global climate strike. Climate change has been on the forefront for many this past week, with NYC’s Climate Strike occurring last Friday.

I would like to continue the conservation, and base my next podcast on Climate Emergency: No More Business As Usual. Rise and Resist, and many other climate activists, are gathering in front of the Plaza Hotel, where corporate leaders and public policy makers will discuss solutions to the climate crisis. Rise and Resist will join in a nonviolent demonstration to welcome the arriving attendees with their own demands.

Pitch – Radio News Story

For my Radio news story, I was thinking of interviewing the organizer or some of the vendors of the Bronx night market.  The Bronx night market is a festival of different foods and cultures from all around the world. I’d like to interview the organizer or some of the vendors to see what makes the festival unique and what made them choose this festival to display their foods.  The Bronx night market will occur every Saturday until late October then start again on may. for an additional two months.

Pitch for Radio News Story

For my radio news story I will be discussing the decline of unions. During his 2016 presidential campaign, Donald Trump promised to spend a trillion dollars in infrastructure and promised that work to unions but typical Trump that was all words. Despite his claims of admiration of unions during his campaign, during his presidency he has been trimming away at their rights, making union workers like an endangered species. In order to execute this podcast, I will be interviewing Santiago Ruiz, a third year “m-helper” electrician who is apart of Union Local 3 and will also be interviewing Joe Hester, assistant employment director of Local 3’s employment department.

Podcast #2

For the next podcast, I would like to do it on Sprinkles the cupcake bakery located on 780 Lexington. The bakery has recently changed managers and the new managers are trying to rebuild the bakery. Last year, Sprinkles had the ATM cupcake machine which closed down about a year ago and every now and then people will come in and ask about it since it’s still on the list of things to do when in New York.

I want to interview two of the new managers about their plans for Sprinkles and one of the workers that have been there for a few years (I believe there’s one or two).