Hello, my name is Choin Seng Lee Liang, but I prefer to be called Choiseng. I’m a rising sophomore next year 2023-2024 at Baruch College. I’m planning to switch my major from Computer Information Systems to Computer Science. My hobbies consist of video games, such as CSGO and Minecraft, and playing volleyball. If I had the choice I would not like to do homework and work on projects as I procrastinate often. Enjoy the blog site I made!!

One of the playlists I created using Spotify

Reflection of ENG2100

Writing 2100 was a fun and diverse class. It taught me many different techniques and literature writing styles that have improved my way of writing significantly. Some areas of improvement are still the same as my goals in writing 2100, grammar, and sentence structure. Although I was able to reshape the way I write, I feel like my writing definitely could improve more. I also hope to be able to express my thoughts more clearly and come out of my comfort zone. As a person who doesn’t enjoy reading, I hope I can find strategies to help break down articles and passages so that I could absorb information.