Madison Square Park

The big orange star blinds me in the eyes,

When I look up at the skies

That shines New York City with light,

A city that never sleeps at night.

The famous Shake Shack and its mouth-watering smell,

After eating, it will make you feel exceptionally well. 

At night, the park comes alive,

With twinkling lights, spreading the vibe.

A cold breeze brushed the green grass

I sat on the bench trying to be like a smartass

Thinking of ideas to write for this poem

I search for four-leaf clovers as an omen

Bark bark bark
Many dogs run up and down the arc

Constantly running around for a new buddy

Making the owners worry

Madison Square Park, in the middle of the city,

A place where one can find peace and affinity.

With its rich history and modern vibe,

It’s a true reflection of New York’s pride.