Assignment 13: Due Tuesday 11/6, 9:55am

Your assignment is to choose your topic for your research paper. We will be going over the assignment this week in more detail, but in general you are being asked to research a crisis of your choosing. To help you put more thought into your decision-making process, I’d like you to email me with your topic choice and a one page write-up explaining your choice. Here are questions that you writing should answer:

  1. Why are you curious about this crisis? Do you have a personal stake in it or some other motivation that makes you want to dedicate an unusual amount of time and effort towards understanding its complexities? In general, explain how you decided on this topic.
  2. Why do you think it is important for our classroom community to learn more about the crisis you’ve chosen? Who are other intended audiences for your exploration of this crisis?
  3. What are the multiple perspectives that you imagine as central to an analysis of this crisis?
  4. Which sources have you looked at so far? Please give me at least two links to prove that you’ve done some preliminary searching about the topic that helped you arrive at your decision, and tell me how they were helpful.

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