Assignment 15: due Tuesday 9:55am

For Tuesday,

  1. Edit and expand your guiding question and post it in response to this post. If you have sub-questions related to the big one, you can list them underneath it. Just make sure that the sub-questions are relevant to the guiding question and do not chart an entirely new inquiry.
  2. Find sources and work on your annotated bibliographies (due Thursday). It is a lot of work, but it pays off. Remember that your sources should include the following: at least one primary source, two secondary sources, one multi-media source, one book, and one journalistic article. Your bibliography needs at least 6 sources, but that is a bare minimum. Higher quality papers will include around 10 sources, which includes primary and secondary.

14 thoughts on “Assignment 15: due Tuesday 9:55am”

  1. The question I am writing about in my research paper is. How does the immigration crisis affect Us citizens today?
    sub-questions- how does the media portray the effect of immigration on its citizens?
    What most citizens believe immigration actually does to the economy and how it affects their situations.

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