Customer Assumptions

Important and Easy to Test:

My cousin actually finds this to be a real problem and not a inconvenience.

This is important because its better for the market to feel the need to have your product than simply want to have it. It brings on more demand. Just how we read about the vitamins and aspirin. More people feel the need to take aspirin rather than take vitamins.

Not as Important and Hard to Test:

My cousin prefers my product over other alternatives. This product will help her with what she’s looking for and will satisfy her fashion needs as well.

It would be hard to test if my product meets her fashion needs and to see if she would prefer this over a normal heel or an alternative to my product.

Important and Hard to Test:

My cousin wants something that can help with wearing heels that she likes without having the issue of them sinking into the grass and this product is the best option for her.

It is important to know how well your product performs compared to those already on the market. This would be harder to test because the consumer needs to compare it to other similar products on the market.

Not as Important and Easy to Test:

She would still be wearing heels as much as she did before Covid-19.

The need for the heels might change because of quarantine and people not being allowed to leave their homes as much. This would cause a change in the need for the product.

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  1. These are key assumptions, I agree it would be hard to test how it would compare to other products on the market. Also, I agree with the assumption of whether your cousin would choose your heels over other ones to wear, because I know I constantly change my opinion about sneakers I’m going to buy. For example, they seem nicer online or on someone else but then when I try them on I don’t like them, or I change my mind because I see another cool shoe.

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