Social Influence

Observational Learning

We live in a world with other people. In our surrounding, we connect other people everyday, such as family members, classmates, teachers, coworks, bosses and so on. Therefore, to know what type of people we are, and how our images in public which comes from our contact with others. We look at others and may act or react the things and people in our environments as a result of the meaning we attach to them. For example, someone watch his brother studied and how he did in school because he is a older brother.

This video shows how 10 month old kid learn from his brother by observing.The kid learns how to put a football into a basket when he look at how his brother did. Learning from others or observing others is naturally.  Human when they face the things which is uncertain or unknown, may like to observe others and learn from others to know how to response the things.

Moreover, we also do something which would be difference like others did. For example, when you see some bad example,you may not want to follow that, in this case, we may not have some mistakes like others.

Overall, the impact of other people in our everyday lives is very important.Like this video, the kid didn’t know how to play the ball, the only way for him to know how to put the ball into basket is observing. We can see that when people born they didn’t know a lot of things without social influence and they lack the basic information. Therefore, learn from others is a key experience for people to make a functioning human being.



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