Job Market for College Graduates

One of the biggest issues in our present society is the instability of the job market, especially for current college graduates.  The link above is a video illustrating the frustration of college graduates and how they can’t find a job right after college.  Presently, the unemployment rate for college graduates is approximately 53%, a staggering number compared to the 2000 college graduate unemployment rate, a merely 40%.  Before it was all about graduating college and getting that bachelor’s degree but it seems that’s just not enough.  One has to do more such as getting that prized internship during college or getting that “exclusive major” such as engineering and finance rather than history or communications.

The college graduate unemployment rate leads to consequent problems such as not being able to pay off college loans and not being able to participate in planned economic consumption.  The idea after college is to get a job, buying that nice condo with the brand new BMW, and just splurging the rest of that paycheck in vacations, high end clubs, and nice branded clothes but guess what, without that job you can’t do A, B, and C and therefore not only does it affect the individual but also the macro economy.  With no job you can’t pay off your loans and can’t progress financially therefore it doesn’t help you, your parents, or the economy.

The current administration have tried to remedy these problems but yet again I’ve been hearing about these “tries” since I was a sophomore in high school and nothing has changed, if anything it has gotten worse.  One can blame the government, one can blame the institution they graduated from, one can even blame God but the truth of the matter is that it really is nobody’s fault.  Times are just hard and at this point not one entity can do anything about it.  We’ll just have to wait and see.

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  1. st094555 says:

    This is an interesting article, as the unemployment is the major problem in US economy. According to the Labor Department, statistics has shown that unemployment rate has slightly increased, as a lot of businesses have been going out of business, and a lot of manufacturing jobs have been shipped overseas to produce products at a cheaper expense.

    According to this article, it is very important to choose a degree what would be more easier to find a job at this tough economy. For instance, the graduated student mentioned above has a History major, as for the economy not much History major jobs are needed or available. Sometimes it is good to have a double major in the field upon graduations companies are willing to hire the alumni.

    Overall, this is a problem of the Politics – THE US GOVERNMENT – WHITE HOUSE. The War has been costly, the taxes are being increased, and 1% of the US millionaires are becoming richer. This is an unfair economy, where people like slaves work for their paychecks, and get slightly more than a half they have earned. Social Security benefits and all the programs don’t really make a sense, where the prostitution rate, smuggling, drug selling is only growing at a rapid rate. In this economy, where alcohol and cigarettes are the big businesses. This is all behind the closed doors, where the top officials control the world. Where McDonald’s causes physical diseases, cancer and short life expectancy. So people will die faster. Do you think the government cares about people? If so, we wouldn’t have a problem that we have now, not mentioning air, water, earth pollution.

    No one can blame God, as God can’t step in and interact with humans, as it is out of the life rules. God has created us, and we should be thankful for that. It doesn’t matter you believe in God or not. I have proofs.

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