Healthcare systems around the world

I think about healthcare systems around the world when we learned the chapter 5 about different cultures. Different countries have different healthcare systems and different way to treat patients.

The health care in the United Stated is to expensive that people cannot afford. According to the film ” Sicko”, Nearly 50 Americans who do not have health insurance, Donna Smith’s family selling their house instead of to live in their daughter’s storage room to afford health care. A lot of people are not able to pay their hospitals fees, because every time people receive billd which a lot of fees are very expensive so that they cannot afford. On the contrary, in other countries, such as Canada, the UK and France, all legal residents are covered by public health insurance. For example, the movie shows Moore interview patient and inquires about in hospital expense incurred by patient in Canadian, only to be told that patients did not need to pay for anything. Most people have extra private insurance to cover aread that are eligible to pay for when they go to see a doctor.

The other point is quality of hospital care. In the United State, people have to wait for a long time when they go to hospitals. people who work in the hospital does not care about how long patients should wait and how many people are on the waiting list. They do not realize that patients really need help. On the contrarry, in the movie, Moore interviewed people waiting in the emergency room of a Canadian public hospital that they just need to wait about 10 minutes or littler longer, even if there wad crowd. People who work in the hospital really do an amazing job, they want patient to see a doctor as soon as possible.

Peolpe will have different ways to dealing with a lot of things, such as the movie shows about the service in the hospital,  just because the environment which we grow up are dissimiliar, and we have different cultures.

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  1. is129579 says:

    I also have seen sicko and I was greatly surprised in how distorted the heath care system in America is compared to other countries. As shown in the film sicko, some Americans go up to Canada to get treated since it is much affordable. In France and England all citizens have access to health care, of course taxpayer dollars (Euros) are higher but I can guarantee that those imposed taxes are much cheaper than the price of health care in the United States.

    Ever since Obama came into office there has been attempts to pass legislation into reforming the health care system but as of now it lies in the hands of the upcoming presidential election. It all comes down to a political decision between democrats and republicans; bipartisan contribution will never come about within these types of issues.

    The main issue about the American health care system is the cost of it. It is way too expensive for the average American to afford. As stated in the blog post some American families consider, if not already sell their homes to try and have a decent health care coverage, I find that outrageous, the fact that situations like these occur while the politicians just let it happen without trying to remedy the problem.

    The blog further states the quality of health care and hospital care. Americans pay so much money for below average treatment. Long waits, uncomfortable overnight stays, ad just and overall lack of adequate treatment. I guess it is just part of the American culture, high cost for low quality treatment for almost plenty of systems within the country.

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