Materialistic culture and its importance

Culture is a very important aspect in our development. It is what defines us and lets us progress and stay as a group of people. It tells us who we were who we are and what we might become. Not all the cultures are the same; in fact they are very different. Because it is so different we sometimes just don’t understand it because we only see it one way, our way.

Culture is divided into few categories to help us understand and see more clearly on how our ways are different. There is the material culture which talks about artifacts, structures and daily tools that the society has used or is using at the current moment. Non-material culture talks about ideas and non-materialistic things that the society created one of them being for example, a language.

Culture makes us who we are and for the societies that don’t exist anymore materialistic culture helps them live on in our museums today. Artifacts that survived thousands of years can tell us tons about who these people were. The art on some of the artifacts can often show us what these people were thinking about and what they valued.

The video I choose is short but it underlines the importance of culture and materialistic goods to history. By making urns, jewelry we sometimes don’t know how important it might be, thousand years from now future humans will see an iPod as the most primitive thing just like we do with urns from thousand years ago today. What we do and make today will survive so other cultures can learn and know who we were.

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