Agents of Socialization


Through socialization-(process of learning) the needs of the society in which we live becomes our individual needs.  Our learning process or becoming who we are is based on various individuals, groups, organizations or institution a person may come in contact with. These are called agents of socialization, which are family, peers, schools, religious institutions and media. These agents influence our behavior, attitudes, tastes, goals, emotions, values and behavior.

Family is our primary source of personal socialization our family shapes who we are in terms of beliefs, values and even our strengths.   Education is the second most important agent of socialization. It is more impersonal, is the transmission of knowledge, it teaches us to be more passive and non-problematic. It teaches us the bigger picture of the world at large makes us socialize with different groups of people where we encounter different beliefs and cultures. Through education we get the bigger picture of the world as a larger society not just our family’s view. Religion is another agent of socialization through which we learn values that we wouldnt otherwise have. Religion sometimes gives strength that we wouldn’t have either. Sometimes we need guidance in life religion may give that peace, guidance or even strength we might need through some tough times such as death of a close sibling.

The third most important agent of socialization that influences who we are is the media. It transmits messages about the type of people we should be as they wish.  Media influences what we eat, drink our beliefs almost every aspect of our lives are influenced by the media. This is an election year and according to the Washington post “television and ad buys are typically the single largest expenditure of a presidential campaign”. As you can see it is proven that media can really change or maintain a voter. Therefore that’s why media is one of the largest most influential agent of socialization. Lastly peers can be influential towards who we are as they say “tell who you hang out with and I will tell you who you are”.

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