How society views deviance

I believe that deviance is important in our society today. It makes us follow rules and know what is acceptable in our society today and what isn’t. However it can also be harmful like in the book. The example of Kelly Michaels proves that society can sometimes be harsh and unjust when faced with a problem of extreme norm breach. Kelly might have been innocent and interpreted wrongly. Kids often lie and don’t differentiate from right or wrong. The example of that psychologist saying that the more the kids deny it the more it becomes true is just stupid. Let’s face it, Kelly was given no chance. The decision was made before she was even sentenced with anything. The way people think and act is sometimes unfair because in the eyes of the society they are right and justified. The people who are singled out are basically exiled from the society and are treated as people who are weird and their opinion does not matter anymore. I believe that this should be changed, but how can we.


The video I have chosen talks about what I’ve just written, it explains in detain on how we act as a society and how we view deviance. I think that there are stages of deviance. We have our basic deviant acts like crossing the street on a red light, going over the speed limit and yelling and acting weird in public. Then we have a second level that is basically a bit more serious. Shoplifting would be one of them, beating someone up would be another. Finally we have the 3rd level which is basically the worst and viewed as the most horrible thing you can do. Killing someone would be one of them, sexually abusing children many times like supposedly Kelly did would be another example. I think that deviance is a good idea that we have a society; however the way we sometimes act accordingly is what makes it not so great. There are many examples of people being unjustly branded for life for something they did not do and in cases like these there is little if not nothing we can do. Deviance is a broad topic and it is viewed differently by everyone because everyone has a different opinion of what’s wrong or right and now how do we tell who is right?

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