Overcome 3 Common Job Search Challenges

While you are job searching, you need to pay attention to the process and how your application materials are being received. It’s very easy to externalize issues in the job search and attribute struggles to the job market, interviewers, and the competition. The following are 3 red flags that you should take seriously and remedy as quickly as possible.

1)  You’ve sent out tons of applications and you are not getting any interviews.
PROBLEM: Something is wrong with your application materials or your search process.
SOLUTION: See a career counselor to review all of your materials (i.e., resume, cover letters, writing samples — anything that you are sending out) and discuss your search process. Also, bring along with you the position descriptions.

2)  You are getting first interviews, but no second interviews.
PROBLEM: You are having trouble interviewing.
SOLUTION: Attend all the interview workshops available. Review all Starr interviewing materials and practice using Optimal Resume. Then, get a mock interview with a feedback session to work on interviewing skills.

3)  You are consistently getting to the final round of interviews, but you don’t get the job.
PROBLEM: You are having trouble closing and showing your fit with the company/position.
SOLUTION: Schedule a mock interview, but explain your issue and bring a job description and company information of the last place where this occurred and have the career counselor conduct a final interview as opposed to an initial interview.

If you are having trouble in the job search, don’t look outside yourself for answers that can solve very little. Look to the things that you can take charge of that can create greater success in your process.

Author Lisa Orbe-Austin

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