Preparing for Fall 2017 On Campus Recruiting

Interested in meeting leading companies and organizations on campus?  You’re going to want to participate in On Campus Recruiting (OCR) this Fall! Here are some ways to get ready:

1) Understand how OCR can help you build a successful career. According to a Class of 2015 Student Survey from the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), 62.8% of respondents took part in an internship. NACE’s Job Outlook 2015 Survey revealed that relevant work experience is preferred by almost 75% of employers, and 60% say they prefer work experience gained through an internship.

2) Check out the Internship OCR Tips Sheet for an overview of the program.
Internship OCR is intended for sophomores and juniors looking for an internship.
Full-Time On-Campus Recruiting is intended for juniors and seniors looking for full-time opportunities after graduation.

3) Watch the Internship OCR Tutorial or attend an OCR Workshop to be eligible to apply to both internships and full-time jobs through the OCR Program. Workshops are held on a regular basis and are listed under the ‘Events’ section of Starr Search.

4) Complete your Starr Search profile. This means that all fields such as your GPA, year in school, expected graduation date, and major must be entered.

5) Become more educated regarding the various companies that recruit on campus and their opportunities. You can do this by attending their on campus employer information sessions which are all listed under the ‘Events’ section of Starr Search.

Want more details? Head to the official On Campus Recruiting page on Starr website.

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