8 Steps to Take to Obtain an Internship For Academic Credit

Interested in doing an internship for academic credit but not sure where to start? Follow these 8 steps and you’ll be on your way!

1)      Meet with the Internship Coordinator in the Starr Career Development Center to find out more information and be directed to the appropriate academic apartment.
               Make an appointment on Starr Search for Internship Advisement.

2)      Find out if you’re eligible to take the internship course.
               Contact your academic department to verify your eligibility and obtain important information (e.g. deadline date to register for internship course, how many hours per week you can intern, etc.)

3)      Search for internship opportunities that offer academic credit.
               Access Starr Search for internship listings.

4)      Attend the internship seminar to learn about additional resources for finding an internship.

5)      Apply for internships that offer academic credit.
               Submit your cover letter and resume (along with any additional required materials)
               Interview with the employer.
               Receive an offer and accept. Seek guidance from the Internship Coordinator if necessary.

6)      Visit your academic department to seek approval to register for the internship course.

7)      Register for the internship course by the deadline date.
               Check the Baruch College Academic Calendar for an accurate list of deadline dates.
          ●     Provide your academic department with your official internship offer letter.
               Give your employer any necessary paperwork required by Baruch.
               Provide proof that you are registered for the internship course.

8)      Start your internship!
               Notify Starr of your internship and provide us with feedback.
               Enter your internship information in Starr Search under Profile by selecting the Placements tab.

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