Key Takeaways from the Marketing Career Expo

On Thursday November 16, the Starr Career Development Center held the Marketing Career Expo, a two hour networking  event for marketing professionals to recruit, connect, and share industry knowledge with Baruch students. Students heard from Starr staff, saw presentations from two Baruch marketing professors, and then got the opportunity to speak with established professionals during roundtable discussions.

Read on for key takeaways from the event!

Barry Soloff, Marketing Consultant and Adjunct Professor at Baruch College
Barry Soloff, Marketing Consultant and Adjunct Professor at Baruch College

Know the Difference Between Marketing and Advertising

Professor Barry Soloff emphasized the importance of knowing the difference between marketing and advertising. Marketing includes business strategy, financial management, budget & pricing, product quality & development, sales & distribution, and advertising & communication. On the other-hand, advertising includes creative strategy & development, media planning & buying, production, promotion, public relations, and events & sponsorship. Professor Soloff ended his presentation by reminding students that there are a wide variety of job opportunities available in marketing and communications.

Anthony Perrotto, Adjunct Professor at Baruch College
Anthony Perrotto, Adjunct Professor at Baruch College

Video Resumes Help You Stand Out From the Crowd

Professor Anthony Perrotto discussed the importance of “marketing yourself” in order to get a job. In order to take this to the next level, he suggested that students consider making a video resume with their regular resume. A video resume sticks out of the crowd and really helps the employers remember you; it differentiates you from the other applicants. He ended his speech with an example of a video resume made by a Baruch alum who now works in digital media. This Baruch alum specializes in filming and editing videos of concerts, festivals, music videos, and more. The video was good at grabbing viewers’ attention because it used humor, clips of what he has filmed, and a list of his accomplishments, as well as companies he has worked with. It makes his resume look even more impressive because he took the time to make a creative video that the employer will definitely remember.

Andrew Earley, Executive Liaison, iCrossing speaking with Baruch students
Andrew Earley, Executive Liaison at iCrossing speaking with Baruch students

Networking Matters

After the professors spoke, Ricki Weitzen, Assistant Director of Career Programming, introduced the professionals at each table. The professionals had 15 minutes to speak to the students at their table about their job. After the 15 minutes, the students rotated to different tables to talk to other professionals. The students got to ask the professionals questions to allow them to understand what a marketer’s job is really like. This networking opportunity was invaluable because it allowed students to speak with established marketers, learn about different roles, and make professional connections.

Troy P. Thompson, Digital Communications Associate at Public Relations Society of America (PRSA)
Troy P. Thompson, Digital Communications Associate at Public Relations Society of America (PRSA)

Internships Help You Get Hired

I had the opportunity to speak to Troy P. Thompson, an alum that now works as a Digital Communications Associate at PRSA. He told me about the importance of taking internships as it gives students a higher chance of getting hired right out of college. He expressed how great it is for Baruch to hold events like this because it allows students to network and figure out if they want a future in the marketing industry. Talking to the professionals will give you a glimpse into their jobs and see if you’re interested in pursuing something similar. Troy Thompson appreciates when students ask him what the day-to-day is like at his job because he feels that is the best way for students to understand what he really does in his role.

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Author: Faria Arni is a General Marketing Major Undergraduate student at Baruch College and Student Aid at Starr. Her professional interests are in fashion marketing and immigration law. Faria is a television show enthusiast and loves writing. When she isn’t working, she can be found constantly listening to music or studying.

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