Got Summer Plans?

As internship and job deadlines pass for the summer, students often wait to hear back from employers about their plans before the fall. Landing a desired internship or job opportunity can be a fulfilling achievement for students not only for the summer but beyond. However, many students are not fortunate enough to acquire the right placement. Not to be deterred, students can find a number of ways to make the summer months productive and enjoyable at the same time.

  • Summer Classes – Students can choose to take summer classes to advance in their academic coursework. This allows students to complete their majors and possibly graduate earlier than expected. Even though summer classes have condensed course loads, the smaller class sizes allow for more one-on-one interaction between the professors and students.
  • Research – Students can participate in undergraduate research to define the particular focus of their studies. Research opportunities can be found in all majors and areas of study. In addition, there are often fellowships and grants available for students unlike internships which may only be unpaid, credit-earning experiences.
  • Projects – Summer time can be used by students to develop projects that were put off during the semester. Students can even engage faculty and different resources on campus, if in their subject area, to help develop the strategy for the project to align with the students’ career goals.
  • Work – Students can work during the summer to build up funds to use during the fall semester. This allows for flexibility especially in having the time to acquire internships or other academic opportunities for the upcoming semester.
  • Volunteer – Students can volunteer to gain valuable skills in leadership and teamwork. Additionally, working in an organization with dedicated individuals can help students develop positive attributes to display in the workforce.


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