Overcoming Job Search Challenges

You are sending out many job applications, but you are not receiving any responses. You are getting called for first interviews, but are not progressing towards a second one. You are getting called in for the final interview but are unable to land the job. These are common job search challenges that many people face in their hunt to land a desired position. Here are some tips on how to get to that next step, whatever your challenge may be:

  • You have sent out many job applications but are not receiving any responses.

Answer: Something might be wrong with the material in your application such as your resume, cover letter, writing sample, etc. If that is the case, see a counselor at the Starr Career Development Center (Starr) for a resume and cover letter review, or for help with any other material you are applying with. Make sure to bring in a hard copy to look over with the counselor and a copy of the job description.

  • You are getting called in for first interviews, but not invited to the second round.

Answer: Make sure to attend all interviewing workshops available and go through all of the interviewing material Starr provides. Finally, schedule a mock interview with a counselor to see if there is anything you need to work on in your interviewing process.

  • You are getting called in for the final interview but are not getting the job.

Answer: You are probably having some trouble closing and showing that you are a good fit for the company. Schedule a mock interview and explain that it is a final interview as opposed to a first interview. Make sure to bring the job description and information of the company you are trying to get into.

It can sometimes be irritating and even discouraging when you are constantly applying and interviewing for jobs but never successfully getting one. However, having confidence in your abilities and following the steps above can significantly help in your search to land the right job for you. Good luck!

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