Be Vigilant Against Job Scams and Other Email Hoaxes

Be Vigilant Against Job Scams and Other Email Hoaxes

Dear Students, Faculty, and Staff,

At a time when we are so heavily dependent on technology, we are all at increased risk for predatory Internet behavior and email scams.

These scams take various formats, such as check-deposit schemes, fraudulent job opportunities to earn money from home, and appeals to help others in distress. Attached is an example of a recent message sent to members of the Baruch community. Emails such as these are an attempt to obtain personal information, such as home addresses and bank account information, to potentially gain access to your accounts.

Be Suspicious and Aware

We urge you to be skeptical of emails you receive from anyone you do not know. Official Baruch communications will not ask for personal information such as your passwords, Social Security Number, and bank information.

For your security:

·         Do not provide personal information (home address, user names, etc.) in response to emails, text messages, or websites that come from someone you do not know or from a suspicious email sender.

·         Never provide your password in an email.

·         Do not deposit checks from unknown senders.

·         Do not click on links or open attachments in suspicious emails.

·         Be wary of messages requesting urgent action.

Identifying Fraudulent Emails and Scams
Below are a few resources to help you identify job scams and other fraudulent emails.

·         Identifying Fraudulent Job and Internship Postings from the Starr Career Development Center blog

·         Signs of a Job Scams from the Federal Trade Commission Consumer Information

·         Phishing Scam Advisory from CUNY

If You Receive an Email Scam

It is safe to ignore and delete any suspicious emails you receive. If it arrives to your Baruch account, you can forward it to BCTC at so we can investigate and share with CUNY as needed.

While we work actively to identify and prevent these messages, our ability to keep users secure is critically dependent on the Baruch community being educated and skeptical about fraudulent messages. Please remain alert, as scams can happen at any time and dupe individuals of all ages and backgrounds, and who have all levels of tech sophistication.

Get more information here, and reach out to us at with any questions.

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