Leadership Development and Rotational Programs

        Leadership Development and Rotational Programs

As you finish your degree program, you may be looking for ways to build leadership potential as you gain experience in your field.  Leadership development and rotational programs provide you with in-depth experiences, ongoing mentorship, and targeted training across a range of business areas within a company.  Companies usually use these types of programs to hire interns or post-graduates and train them through rotational programs (i.e. rotating through different parts of a company) or specific, structured training programs.  The goal is to recruit and develop leaders for their organization.

It is important to note that many of these programs have special recruitment timelines (usually in the fall semester).  Each program may have unique components, length of time, pre-selected rotating work assignments, optional rotating work assignments or specific, in-depth experience in one area.

Here are some sample companies who offer these programs, but it is not a complete list so be sure to research companies or fields of interest to you to find out if they offer similar programs:





BAE Systems Developmental Programs Business/Engineering/Technology/Human Resources
Boeing Boeing Rotational Program Business/Finance/Engineering/Technology
Lockheed Martin Leadership Development Program Communications/Engineering/Finance/  Human Resources/Operations/Security
Northrop Grumman Professional Development Program Business/Engineering/Technology/Finance/Communications
United Technologies UTC Leadership Programs Business/Finance/Engineering/Computer Science/Technology/Communications
Textron Leadership Development Program Business/Finance/Engineering/Human Resources/Technology/Marketing


Chrysler Leadership Development Program Engineering/Finance/Technology (Graduate Only)
Ford Programs for Students and Recent Graduates General
Goodyear Development Programs Accounting/Finance/Engineering/Technology
Rolls-Royce Rolls-Royce Interns & Graduates Programs Finance/Engineering/Human Resources

Consumer Packaged Goods

Acosta Leadership Development Program Marketing
L’Oreal L’Oreal Intern and Career Opportunities Business/Finance/Engineering/Marketing/ Technology/Human Resources
Nestle Purina Management Development Program Accounting/Human Resources/Finance/Engineering
Whirlpool Leadership Development Program Information (BUILD Externship) Business/Finance/Engineering/Technology/Marketing


3M Development Programs Business/Marketing/Engineering/Finance
AT&T Developmental Program Finance/Engineering
Caterpillar Professional Development Programs Engineering/Communications/Finance/Human Resources/Technology/Marketing
Direct Energy Rotation Program at Direct Energy Business/Finance/Technology
Dow Chemical Company Development Programs Business/Finance/Marketing/Engineering/Human Resources
DuPont Management Leadership Development Program Business/Marketing (Graduate Only)
Eaton Developmental Programs Business/Engineering/Finance/Accounting/Human Resources
Dell EMC Jump Start Graduate Development Program Business/Finance/Engineering/Computer Science/Technology
Emerson Rotational Programs Business/Engineering/Marketing (Graduate Only)
GE Leadership Programs General
Ingersoll Rand Developmental Programs Technology/Engineering/Accounting/Finance/Human Resources/Marketing  (Graduate Only)
Intel Rotational Programs General
Owens Corning Internships & Leadership Development Programs Marketing/Finance/Engineering/ Technology
Praxair Student & Graduate Opportunities Business/Engineering/Marketing
Rockwell Automation Leadership Development Programs Business/Engineering
Siemens Siemens Graduate Program Business/Marketing (Graduate Only)
Stanley Black & Decker Leadership Development Program General
Texas Instruments Global Rotation Programs General
ThermoFisher Scientific Leadership Development Programs Finance/Computer Science/Technology/Human Resources
Verizon Rotational Programs General

Financial Services

BB&T Leadership Development Program Business/Finance
BNY Mellon Technology Leadership Program Technology/Analytics (Graduate Only)
Edward Jones Headquarters Rotational Development Program Finance/Computer Science (Undergraduate Only)
Fifth Third Bank Leadership Programs Business/Finance/Accounting/Engineering/Computer Science
Franklin Templeton Investments Futures Program Business/Computer Science
Genworth Financial Finance Development Program Accounting/Finance/Technology
(Graduate Only)
M&T Bank Management Development Program Business/Marketing
Vanguard Leadership Development Programs Business/Computer Science/Finance/Technology
Visa Development Programs Business/Finance/Technology

Government/International Affairs

Amtrak Development Programs Business/Engineering/Technology
FBI Presidential Management Fellows Program Management (Graduate Only)
Federal Reserve Cooperative Educational Program Business/Finance/Accounting/Technology/Law
Missile Defense Agency Missile Defense Career Development Program Business/Finance/Engineering/Computer Science/Mathematics
New York City Department of Health Health Research Training Program General


Abbott Development Programs Finance/Engineering/Technology
Aetna Career Development Programs Finance/Human Resources/Technology/Marketing
Baxter Rotational Development Programs Business/Finance/Engineering/Technology/Sales
Becton Dickinson Developmental Programs Business/Finance/Engineering/Computer Science
Cardinal Health Leadership Development Program General
Cigna Leadership & Developmental Programs Business/Finance/Marketing/Technology  (Graduate Only)
Humana Specialized College Programs General
Johnson & Johnson Leadership Development Program General


GEICO Leadership Programs Business/Computer Science
Liberty Mutual Undergraduate/Graduate Development Program Actuarial Science/Business/Finance/Computer Science
Metlife Actuarial Development Program Actuarial Science
New York Life The New York Life Actuarial Program Actuarial Science/Business/Finance/Engineering
Travelers Development Programs Actuarial Science/Finance/Computer Science


Avery Dennison Global Operations Leadership Development Engineering/Business/Finance/Accounting (Graduate Only)
Financial Times Graduate Trainee Program Journalism
NBC Universal Early Career & Leadership Programs General
Quad Graphics Corporate Training Program Computer Science/Finance/Accounting/Technology
Simon & Schuster, Inc. Associates Program Marketing/Communications


Abercrombie & Fitch Leadership Development Program Business/Finance/Management/Engineering/Computer Science
Adidas Functional Trainee Program Business/Finance/Human Resources (Graduate Only)
Amazon Amazon Pathways Program Business/Finance/Human Resources/Marketing/Engineering
Gap Inc. Training Program Business/Finance
Macy’s Executive Development Program Accounting/Finance/Computer Science (Graduate Only)
Neiman Marcus Executive Development Program Business/Finance (Graduate Only)
Marriott Voyage Leadership Development Program Business/Finance/Engineering/Accounting/Human Resources (Graduate Only)
Saks Fifth Avenue OFF FIFTH Executive Development Program General
Safeway Inc. Leadership Program Business/Finance/Pharmacy
Sears Holding Leadership Development Program General (Graduate Only)
Target Finance Leadership Development Program Business/Finance (Graduate Only)
TJX Companies Inc. Development Program Business


ESPN Training Programs Marketing/Technology
NBA Associate Program General
NFL Junior Rotational Program Finance/Marketing


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