International Series – U.S. Job Search Process

U.S. Job Search Process

The job search process can be daunting and overwhelming, especially for international students. Here are a few tips and tricks on how to begin your job search process!

Employment Options F-1 and J-1 Visa
  • On-Campus Employment: All international students are eligible to work on-campus employment, with a maximum of 20 hours per week during the ongoing semester. 
  • Curricular Practical Training (CPT): alternate work and study, internship, co-op, etc. 
    • If your major has an internship requirement, doing the CPT can fulfill the internship requirement! This can then be used as a visa option for employment in the US.
    • No cost to the employer for this training
  • Optional Practical Training (OPT): most international students use this to their advantage for post-graduation experiences and employment. This is optional and can be acquired at any time (post or pre-graduation).
  • H1B – some companies may sponsor this visa for you to allow you to work here!
    • There is a filing fee for this visa
  • Academic Training for J-1: No cost to the employer for this training
  • Additional information can be found on:
Discussing Immigration Status
  • In the U.S. it is illegal for a potential employer to ask you:
    • Your race, marital status, past salary information, religion, specific medical record or arrest record, financial status, nationality, immigration status
  • But, they can ask you:
    • Are you authorized to work in the US?
Challenges international students may encounter:
  • Language
  • Hiring complexities – visas expiring, transferring from one visa to another, a chance of the U.S. gov rejecting the visas altogether
  • Commitment – employers are making a commitment for you, ensure that you are making it worth their time and are sure about your work visas
  • Location – being flexible with geographical preferences may add value to your profile 
  • Economic – the economy affects all students, rather than just international students. But the economy being in a recession can have an effect on all jobs available to the public
  • U.S. Culture and Custom – quite different from other countries
  • U.S. Policy Changes – policies can change that may affect and/or limit your job search process, so you should be mindful of these policy changes!
Tips for successful job & internship search 
  • Resources – ex: Starr Search, Baruch Alumni, your own network, etc.
  • Start your search early
  • Join clubs and organizations, volunteer before or after you arrive in the US
  • Gain experience while you are in your home country
  • Understand visa guidelines and restrictions
  • Have a backup plan – dual country job search
  • Prepare for job search materials, be flexible with your search
  • Network, network network!
Understand what you are looking for
  • Self/Preferences: 
    • Skills that you possess
    • Interests that you find within the company
    • Personality 
  • Careers/Employers
    • Job titles
    • skills/qualifications
    • Recruiting process/timeline
    • Salary
    • Location
    • Company values
    • Others
Clarify your career interests 
  • What type of industry would you like to be in? (tech, government, not-for-profit, etc.)
  • What job function do you want to be involved in? (marketing, accounting, etc.) (day to day tasks)
Identify self and world of work
  • Self/Preferences:
    • Reflection – Reflect on what you’ve been doing, where you have gained experiences, and what tasks you like doing!
    • Assessments – Career assessments are available to highlight what skills are valuable for certain jobs
    • Asking others who know you well – Asking what is most noticeable about you and what you have excelled in
    • Trying and learning – gaining experience through volunteering or work
  • Careers/Employers:
    • Online career databases 
    • Starr search
    • Job boards
    • Informational interviews
    • O*Net
    • Corporate presentations
    • Job fairs
    • LinkedIn
Baruch Specific Resources 
  • Starr (weekly newsletter, blog, websites)
  • Starr search (Focus2, GoinGlobal) – Focus2 highlights what jobs may be suitable to your skills – GoinGlobal is a great resource for students 
  • Baruch library – Uniworld Online – Online directory of American firms operating in foreign countries and foreign companies operating in the United States
  • Executive on Campus, Tools for Clear Speech, Conversation Partners Program, Weissman Center for International Business, Writing Center, Field Center for Entrepreneurship
Additional Resources
  • Industry-specific professional organizations 
  • Job sites such as, CareerBuilder’s
  • Industry-specific job board
  • Social media sites –
  • GoinGlobal – International students resource! 
  • Temporary agencies/Staffing firms 
Understand the recruiting process
  • Small vs. large companies
  • Structure vs. Ad hoc hiring
  • Internship to full-time hiring – as an international student it is important to try to get an internship that could provide you with a full-time opportunity
  • General timeline – prepare your internship search 3-6 months prior, some big companies even start recruiting 6-12 months prior


  • Connect with alumni or recent graduates to learn more about their search process/recruiting experience 
  • Network with prospective employers prior to the application process
  • Set up Google alerts or search alerts throughout the search process
Prepare your application materials
  • An organized system for tracking applications
  • Resume/Cover Letters – come to walk-ins or make appointments to have your cover letter/resume finalized before applying
  • Online presence – be aware of things that are visible to the public online about you
  • Interviewing Skills – you can practice these skills through mock interviews!
  • The art of small talk – get comfortable with talking about random things to break the ice
  • Work Authorization – make sure you have full knowledge about your work authorization
  • Exams – be aware of the exams you have to take in the future to be available to work
Resources at Starr
  • Starr home page:
    • Guides on resumes/cover letters, interviewing, internships
  • Starr Search
    • Job/internship postings, networking function, GoinGlobal
  • Workshops
    • Interviewing Techniques, Resumes/Cover Letter Review, Personal Pitch, Small Talk, Social media, etc.
  • Career Fairs & Expo, Industry Panels, Employer Information Sessions
    • Meet professionals from a variety of industries
  • Resume/cover letter reviews and mock interviews
    • Schedule an appointment via Starr Search!
  • Career Advisement
    • Help with clarifying career goals and navigating the job search
Additional Resources for International Students

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