Getting a Grip on Traditions

Dennis Slavin, Associate Provost, is to be credited for this blog post’s title. We would like to direct you to a conversation between Dennis Slavin and Mikhail Gershovich, Director of the Bernard L. Schwartz Communication Institute at Baruch College, about teaching traditional essay structures at:

Below is a link to information on Student Writing at Baruch College from the Faculty Handbook:

What is your view of the traditional introduction-body-conclusion approach in teaching composition?

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One Response to Getting a Grip on Traditions

  1. Dennis Slavin says:

    Actually, the title was Mikhail’s. A wonderful follow up to these posts was staged by Prof. Jessica Lang (English), who asked her students to read them. They responded (see the Cac.ophony blog) and eventually Mikhail spent a session speaking with the class. Brava Jessica!

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