Note Taking Tips

Lifehacker recently posted this handy survey of five ways to take notes, something that may be worth sharing with your students.

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2 Responses to Note Taking Tips

  1. Tomasello says:

    I once taught myself to write legibly (since I could no longer read my notes). It didn’t stick.

    I always wonder if these types of mid-education shifts are worth the effort. If anything, these changes in technique need to take place before classes start. I can’t imagine a student trying out a new method during a semester. Did you ever try to get your head around that “Theater of Memory” or “Tips to Improve Your Memory” stuff?

    After my very last class in grad school, I said to a friend (ironically), “Next semester, I’m gonna keep a neat notebook.”

  2. susan chambre says:

    Thanks for pointing this out!

    I’m going to make a copy of it and hand it out to my students.

    I think that note taking skills are very weak and students only write what the instructor writes down for them.

    Note taking is both an academic and a work skill.

    Susan Chambre

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