2 thoughts on “NPR Story About a Film About Stalinist Russia in 1952

  1. WOAH!!!!!!! I just listened to the whole npr piece this morning… It reminded me of the Stanford Prison Experiment (http://www.prisonexp.org). What starts off as acting becomes a reality that many participants are not aware of.

    Although this was a movie scene technically, everyone in the town actually played the role they were supposed to. At the end, when the director gets upset about putting the woman’s hair in a turban for the journalist’s picture, it is obvious that he too has fell into the nature of his work and really believes this to be more than just a film set.

  2. I though it was interesting the way that all the built-in camera and mics for the film created a real sense of surveillance that was very appropriate for the film. Its the closest thing to We and 1984 outside North Korea. I would like to make a film about making this film!

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