Give Back Featurette- Food for Thought!

Greetings, Classers!

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Thanks for joining us again. In this post, we’re going to put a bit of focus on school feeding in public schools.

So let’s talk about that. There’s been a lot of recent buzz and debate surrounding student lunch debt and the responsibility of schools to make sure that children are served nutritious and wholesome meals on a daily basis. The conversations are important because there’s no way there should be any concept of “school lunch debt” especially for children in a public school setting.

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Give Back Featurette- Home Away From Home!

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We were really excited to introduce our first featurette of the “Give Back” segment where we touched a little bit on the disability presence in K-12 schools and how DonorsChoose allows for an outreach platform. In today’s post, we will take a look at homelessness in K-12 schools and a few meaningful ways we can help give back.

So to begin, if you recall, in New York State, 51% of all K-12 students are enrolled or eligible for reduced/free lunch. Additionally, about 5% of enrollment is either homeless, in transition, or displaced. Now, I know you’re thinking that 5% might not seem like such a big number, but remember that this is just a percentage of that year’s enrollment (2017-18). This does not account for children already enrolled.

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Give Back Featurette- Disability Access Matters!

Classers, lovely to have you back!

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In this post, we’re going to start taking a look at projects. As you recall from our earliest posts, we will initially be focusing on projects based in New York and New Jersey. As we blog more, we’ll then diversify our focus on outreach for classrooms and projects in other locations across the US.

In Our New York Quick Facts post, we learned that about 17% of all students enrolled in K-12 have disabilities. In an article reported by the NYDailyNews in 2018, more than 80% of schools in New York City are inaccessible to students with disabilities and special needs. In some districts, like District 16 of Bed Stuy, not one school is fully accessible. Schools fail to provide accessible buildings and classrooms, bathrooms, playgrounds/play areas, cafeterias, gymnasiums, and accessibility resources such as ramps, elevators,  accessibility signage, closed captioning and sign language interpretation tools, proper PA systems, wide doorways, large print materials, Braille, and/or raised lettering signs/labels.


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The Process for Success!

Hello classers! Thanks for returning.

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Before we go into actual fundraising projects, I wanted to do a special post giving some special details on project funds allocations. When you choose a project to support over at, there are a great number of things you can learn about the project:

  • The teacher/school behind the project
  • Some background on the students/classroom this project will help
  • The project’s goals and objectives
  • The progress of the project- # of donors so far, funds raised so far, the remaining amount needed for fulfillment, etc.

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Adoption is a Class Act!

Heya classers, appreciate you joining us again!

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In our previous post, we gave some basic background on, one of the biggest classroom fundraising, non-profit ventures in the US today. Today, we’re going to visit another of its counterparts in that competitive space. is a non-profit organization that- similarly to DonorsChoose- connects sponsors and donors on their platform. They service K-12 schools, as well as private and charter schools nationally. Their mission is simple- to provide a platform that allows teachers and schools to request and receive funds toward fulfillment.

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The Donor in us all!

Hello Classers, welcome back.

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Last post, we touched on five very simple ways you could show more interest and support in the public education dream. Those were some non-fiscal options that wouldn’t come too much out of pocket. But the reality of today’s world is that things cost money, right? The food we consume costs money, the medication we need to stay healthy has an eligibility deductible, the train we take to work requires a fare… and likewise, the schools we attend need tuition paid, supplies, textbooks, teachers need salaries, and other resources need to be acquired and available to facilitate the learning function.

So in essense, they need money! And lots of it!

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Hello all, and welcome back!

A wonderful and warm Thankgiving to all who observes. Thankful for every single one of you World Class patrons.

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In today’s post, we want to kickstart our “Give Back” segment, which, if you think about it, is wholly appropriate as the holiday season quickly descends. As a matter of fact, “Giving Tuesday” is the Tuesday right after Thanksgiving, so it would be a wonderful time to get into the spirit to invest in a classroom. The purpose of this segment of the blog is to encourage readers as much as possible to channel their efforts into causes that are worthy and needed. The main goal of this blog is to educate but also to inspire… inspire you to invest in little ways to make our public education experience a better one.

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New Jersey Quick Facts!

Hey, Classers!

Welcome to Part II of K-12 Quick Facts!

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In Part I we kicked off the blog with some really neat (and important) K-12 statistics in New York State. As promised, here’s what some of those figures look like in the state of New Jersey.

**Since updated data for 2018-19 was not available for NY state, these are also statistics for NJ 2017-18.

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Welcome to World Class!

Public education is our greatest pathway to opportunity in America. So we need to invest in and strengthen our public universities today, and for generations to come.

-Michelle Obama


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Welcome one and all to World Class!

When I was a child, the first thing I wanted to be when I grew up was a teacher. As early as six years old, I had makeshift classrooms set up in my room with dolls and stuffed animals, blackboards and chalkdust, made up lesson plans and test materials, the whole nine yards. Though I’ve since then altered that career path, I remain interested in the education industry- mostly the public K-12 sector- just as much as I was growing up. It’s intriguing to me, the state of the learning environment and how this affects not just the students, but teachers, parents, other educational professionals, and the economy on a daily basis here in the United States.

My hope with this blog is to offer a quick access, open window view to the public education systems in the US, with a particular focus on New York and New Jersey. Additionally, shed a light for patrons on ways in which they could give back, and help make the learning environment a better place.

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