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Blog 1

Hello, everyone!
Benjamin is my full name, but my friends call me Ben. My second semester at Baruch is underway. I enjoy spending time with my friends and also work as a photographer. I selected this image to symbolize me because I believe we live in a society where money is extremely important in everything we do. To live comfortably or even to make ends meet, you need money. I believe that many individuals labor and seek for financial success because they require it. I enjoy money, but it isn’t everything to me. I believe you must distinguish between the two. Money, in my opinion, is a type of reward for hard effort, and once you have it, you may relax a little.

Blog 10


I didn’t take this photo because it’s difficult to photograph a plane in the sky while flying, but it’ll have to enough for now. I adore planes because they represent the freedom to be alone in the skies, distant from everyone else. I like planes because they can transport you from one place to another in a matter of hours. I believe it symbolizes my greatest delight, which is the freedom to go wherever you want, anytime you want. I want people to think of being able to go wherever in life without restrictions when they see this picture, and that’s how aircraft make me feel.


Blog 9

In my instance, I selected #4 since it was more successful. I believe I’ve completely mastered my topic when I can talk to someone about my thoughts or my paper without having to look at it. I was able to talk with my partner about my topic, describing why I picked the artist and the important themes I wanted to include in my main body paragraphs. I was also able to fully explain everything to him, making it much easier for him to comprehend. It also made me more enthusiastic about my subject since I could see their reactions to what I was saying, and I felt I was on to something and wanted to share it.

Blog 7

After reading this essay, I believe America struggles with the concept of equality while pretending to know what has to be done. President Biden, a Democrat with a black lady as his Vice President, appears to be a huge thing, and it is, but the country is still lacking in transformation. The article begins by describing how President Biden begins his address, however I believe his choice of words and the statement he chose were mostly a ruse to get the attention of people of color. I believe his entire presidency, with a black woman as Vice President, was manufactured. I believe he used specific terms carefully while speaking to people of color in order to get their support and trust. Because he has a black Vice President, he will be able to connect with black people and women of color, allowing him to win their votes. The fundamental issues, such as police killings, inadequate health care, and so on, are still present. Of course, as with any politician, promises will be made, but it appears that once the president is won, everything will be forgotten. I simply find it interesting that individuals would say or do anything to get minorities to vote for them, but fail to make the genuine changes that their communities require.

Blog 6

Meek Mill is the musician I’ve chosen to examine, especially his song “Trauma,” which I believe is also the right topic for my dissertation. This song, in my opinion, is quite strong in terms of addressing against police brutality, racism, and the prison system in general. Every day, people of color are falsely charged and imprisoned just because they are black. I believe this song is attempting to raise significant awareness about the need to examine our legal system as a whole. Furthermore, we should all take a stand against systematic racism since black people continue to suffer and nothing is being done about it.

I selected this song because I’ve listened to it several times and it makes me feel all of the hatred and inequity that Meek Mill discusses in the song. I wanted to dissect what he was saying while also bringing greater attention to the issue through my article. I believe that people frequently listen to music only for the purpose of listening to music, but this song included a message that I wanted to share.


Blog 5

  1. Piper, Adrian “Decide Who You Are, Anita Hill” is a photograph that I found intriguing. I believe the piece’s usage of picture and text around the photos made the interpretation of the content a little simpler or more broad. Many of the phrases in the article remind me of questions I’ve asked myself, and it makes me wonder if other individuals have asked themselves similar questions. There’s also a black girl smiling in the background, which makes me question whether this photo has any racial connotations.

2. Because I believe the author’s comments describe how many people of color feel in today’s society, I believe this image connects with societal topics such as inequality. “It’s not your place to say that,” for example, is a phrase that people of color frequently hear because they are informed that their voices and thoughts are unwanted and that they should know their place and be silent. “This is so needless,” I also noticed. That’s another term I’ve heard in general because people of color are told that protesting or speaking up for what they believe in is unnecessary and that they are doing too much.

3. I believe the author meant to include all of these words in the graphic because, like me, many others have pondered similar concerns or have been told these comments. When you look at the image, I believe you will reflect about systematic racism or any other sort of inequality you may have experienced. The graphic also depicts how individuals often smile despite their anguish or concerns, yet they are actually thinking about all of these things.

Blog 4

In my situation, sentence analysis assisted me in carefully selecting what I was attempting to express or how I wanted it to sound to my reader. My word choice, in particular, to make my sentences more effective when someone reads my work. When I’m writing, I’ve always thought that I write too much and that it doesn’t always make sense or fit together. When I was doing sentence analysis, I took my time to break down exactly what I was attempting to say and how I should say it to have the greatest impression.Furthermore, when I cite a statement from an article, I frequently just throw the quotation in without explaining it or properly weaving it into the sentence. By correctly evaluating the quote and really inserting it in the appropriate position, I learned to sort of fit everything neatly into the paragraph. Adding more complicated phrases to my writing would help me expand on what I had written in my draft and present my ideas more fluidly on paper. Adding more complicated phrases would also allow me to integrate some of the basic sentences I was using, thus boosting the flow and general clarity of my work. These improvements may enable me to reach a higher level of enhanced writing, which I may apply to my other classes. I also realized that, while my work makes sense to me, I want others to read and comprehend all I wrote. I want my paper’s message to be obvious and to influence readers as they read it or to allow them to reflect on what they’ve just read.

Blog 3

“Racial Capitalocene” and “New York’s Invisible Climate Migrants” both share the core premise of how race influences where hazardous waste facilities are located, which I found to be true. Racial capitalocene revealed that race was the single most important factor in determining where hazardous waste sites were situated in the US, and that the deliberate placement of these facilities in neighborhoods of color was the result of municipal, state, and federal land-use policy. “Environmental racism became a battleground.” This was a problem in many cities or regions where black people were the majority. People of color are forced to suffer and breath harmful pollutants from surrounding companies. Because of a lack of respect for people of color and a disregard for their health and personal life, the government allows industries that emit hazardous waste into the air, endangering minorities and people of color. The article New York’s Invisible Climate covers a similar subject of housing and living arrangements inequity. “It was difficult to keep a house in these areas even before Sandy.” Low-income households were the ones that suffered the most after Hurricane Sandy in New York City in 2012.Back in the day, places like Rockaway Beach in Queens were considered low-income communities and were mostly populated by people of color. Today, we see how that has changed as large corporations drive those who couldn’t afford to stay in their houses after the hurricane out and gentrify the areas, making them more costly. Although these two pieces cover two separate topics, they both convey the same message of inequity in terms of living conditions for people of color.

Blog 2

As someone who grew up in the south Bronx, I’ve experienced many changes in my neighborhood. Growing up in my neighborhood, it seemed like everyone knew everyone else, and all of the businesses were family-owned. Because of gentrification, the neighborhood did not appear the same until recently. These activities of strong corporations have a significant influence on the neighborhood because people are compelled to relocate from their homes. Furthermore, gentrifying our neighborhoods is driving people to become homeless in some circumstances since they can no longer afford homes in such areas. Essential products such as groceries and household items are becoming increasingly pricey. Because politicians profit from gentrification, minorities or people of color who live in these communities receive little to no assistance from government officials. Even though I wasn’t born in the 1970s or 1980s, I can tell from photographs that the city has changed dramatically since then. Apartment buildings in the Bronx used to be very affordable when my grandmother lived in her old neighborhood, but due to new stores in the area, such as Starbucks and Applebees, prices have increased to three times what they were previously, and residents are the ones who are forced to bear the consequences. These actions are completely reprehensible, but they still happen today. Instead of safeguarding the people who elected them, local officials are protecting firms that profit from gentrification. It wasn’t difficult to afford a pleasant area with a park for your children in previous years, but recently, families have been forced to relocate further away from communities with good health conditions, parks, and even good schools since they can no longer afford the locations they grew up in. I believe that government authorities are unaware of or unconcerned about the impact on children when parents are forced to leave their homes. They forget that these children are reliant on their parents, and that each action that affects the parents has an effect on the children.

Blog 10

I took this picture back in the summer of 2017. It was one of the best summers I ever spent with my family. We flew to Florida and it was first time ever seeing a hot-air balloon and riding one too. It was around 8pm and I feel like I captured a beautiful picture of the hot -air balloon. A warm night with lights all around made this picture even better than if it were to be taken during the day . The reflection from the water just makes this picture even better to me than it already was and it will always remind of this specific summer.