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Blog 11

I plan on doing slides for my Remix project. My project is on Michael Jackson and i think i can do slides to represent what my project was about specifically. The topic name will be “Michael Jackson V.S Society”. I’ll write about how their has been such powerful impact MJ’s music has been having on his audience. In short, to the point slides, i think i can get my point across. It wouldn’t be such a bore to the audience and i hope they can enjoy learning more about Michael Jackson more if they already didn’t know.

Remix Proposal

For my remix project, I am still deciding between doing a mashup which will include images, videos, and sounds from other sources. I am also interested in doing something that’s not included in the list of examples, a playlist. The paper that I will remix for this assignment is my research paper. My research paper was about how black women’s feelings are often invalidated and the piece of art I used to show that is an album. The album I chose was the Miseducation of Lauryn Hill, by Lauryn hill. This album shows many different and very parts of love. She was very personal, but many people related to it when it was released and still relate today.

I chose this project because as I mentioned in many previous blog posts, i strongly love music and being able to incorporate it into my assignments makes the assignment a lot better in my opinion.

Blog 11: Remix Proposal

For the Remix project, I am planning to present a slideshow on my comparative analysis paper. I am thinking of doing a PowerPoint presentation or slideshow where I talk about the main points I covered in our first essay which was the comparative Analysis. Kind of tying back to Maggie Dickinson’s article and then relating that back to the article of my choice which was the Bronx fire that happened. Really covering and highlighting the main points of racial disparity and discrimination and inequality when it comes to housing for people of color and minorities. I am thinking about making my slideshow interactive and possibly doing a voiceover. I want to add different forms of media and kind of combine them such as a use of images and youtube videos in my slideshow. I was also thinking of highlighting quotes that I found interesting and that were powerful in my essay. Really talking about redlining and environmental racism especially in New York and how things have not really gotten better over time. Black communities still face government neglect, housing inequality is racist. 

The difficult and challenging part of this assignment is going to keep it at or under 3 minutes and not going over time. I am excited for this challenge and I know it is going to pay off. I already have lots of ideas and videos that I found that can be helpful and informative to prove and strengthen my claim and points. By presenting the concepts in a more compact and interesting manner, the multimedia work will perhaps change the original points I stated in my comparative analysis essay. This project will allow me to provide such background without using text. It will alter my project because I believe it will provide additional background and help to condense the report. I won’t be able to go into as much detail during the presentation as I did in the paper, but I believe it will be easier and more straightforward for the audience. My current challenge is to work on my talking points while remembering the time constraint, so I need to prioritize as I write and rehearse them.

blog 11

I am planning on making a 3 minute TikTok that will help show my arguments and the texts I used for my Research paper.My research paper focused on the emo sub-genres of hiphop and how they affect their listener.I believe that a TikTok can help make this project more relatable since TikTok is something that we use on a regular basis, which would help make this project more casual.

I am trying to show my audience how listening to these more emotional genres can help the listener feel like their problems are accepted and also make them feel like they accepted some where.Remixing my project won’t affect it that much since I feel like it will just enhance it for the people that aren’t familiar with topic.I feel like visuals are important since they allow people who are not familiar with the topics to still be able to understand everything that I will be talking about.Also this is my first time doing something like this some I am excited to see how is going to turn out.

For the remix project, I am making a slideshow presentation with voicover narration. I am choosing the topic from my first paper about neoliberalism. I want the presentation to be both informative and argumentative. I think a slideshow is good for showing visual information that has to do with neoliberalism, and I can explain the issues with the voiceover.

The plan for the presentation is to expose the truth about neoliberalism, and how the push for it hurts and exploits working class people, who make up most of our community. I also want to focus on the hypocracy that comes with neoliberalism, promises that it will benefit us all, while it hurts the most vulnerable.

Instead of just reading my paper, the presentation will provide more visuals, as well as audio that evokes feeling and emotion about the issue. Hopefully, this will push people to look at what’s happening in our city and in the country in general, in a more critical way.

I want the remix project to act as a mini video/audio essay talking about the exploitative push for neoliberalism (as my paper is also titled). Because this assignment is not long enough for me to do an actual audio essay/reading, it will be more like a teaser or a trailer for the video, covering some key topics, and propelling people to want to watch the whole video.

I think that this also makes sense in terms of my research for the paper and with neoliberalism in general. I cannot talk about too many issues with neoliberalism. However, in the hypothetical audio essay, many of the issues I don’t discuss in my paper would be covered for the listeners.


Blog 11

For the upcoming remix project, I am going to remix my research paper on Breaking Bad and how it became so influential (as well as what conditions led to it being so unique in the first place). While I am not entirely certain how I will be doing this project, I have narrowed it down to two choices. The first choice I have decided on is a Google Slides presentation featuring pictures relating to my paper and maybe even a short 30-second video included at some point in the presentation. The second option will be making my own video where I might even do a voiceover (no promises there) summarizing what I argued in my paper. As to how I will specifically present these ideas, that is still up in the air. By far the biggest challenge that comes with this project is trying to come up with concrete ideas for how to execute my presentation. With only 3 minutes to present, this adds an extra constraint.

The main reason I want to tackle this project is because of my infatuation with the show and its universe. The show’s writers did a good job ensuring there is a lot to explore, which I already did with my paper, which is why I want to use my research paper for this project. Considering the short length of this project, I will probably have to cut out some things I brought up in the paper (such as the show’s moral compass and cold opens) to make room for an overarching point, although I hope I can cover at least one new thing I didn’t discuss (or just overlooked) in my research paper.  Since Breaking Bad is visual media, it just makes sense to incorporate my own visual media for this remix project.

Blog 11

For my remix project, I decided to choose the second essay about choosing artwork and focusing on an issue within it. The show I chose was SKY Castle, and the issue of parents putting pressure on kids to be successful and get into the best schools. I think that focusing on that essay would be easier for me to visualize and I feel like it would be more entertaining. I was going to do either a slideshow or a video. I’m leaning more towards the video but I feel like that might be a little hard because there’s a lot I want to include. If that doesn’t work out, my second option is the slideshow.

I plan to make a video that’s similar to the one shown in class, but a little different because I want to include some clips from the show as examples. I have to make the video a little broad because it’s condensing an 8-page paper into a 2-5 min video. So I want to make sure to talk about and include my main points. I have to remember to make the video appealing. I don’t just wanna have texts on the screen and play clips from the show. I should make it so that the audience is both learning and enjoying the video. I’m still thinking about doing a voiceover or not though. Originally, I thought of doing a podcast but I wanted something more visual. I’m planning to use either iMovie or final cut pro. I’m still debating if I should make it somewhat animated, or just put in pictures with a voiceover.

If I decide to do a slideshow, which is my second option, I want to make it stand out and essentially do the same things that I would’ve done in the video.


Blog 11: Remix Proposal

For this Remix Project, I am planning to remix my research paper which was based on a movie called the “La Misma Luna”, solely focusing on immigration. Like, their experience coming to America and the stereotypes they face. As of right now I’m not completely sure what I want to make, but some options I have in mind is either creating a powerpoint presentation/google slides or a video that is able to capture what I focused on in my research paper. The purpose of my project would be to provide a visual representation of why immigrants choose to come to America, their experiences (good or bad) and how “La Misma Luna” was able to resonate with many immigrant people. With this project I will be able to include images and my own voice/thoughts on my topic.

By remaking my work into a multimedia piece, I will be able to freely and creatively put together a different version of my research paper. One that doesn’t strictly focus on the structure of an essay yet still manages to deliver the same purpose I had as my research paper. Although I may not be able to share as much information and data with this project compared to my research paper, I still think a gain of this project is the visual aspect of it which will be able to engage and intrigue my audience.

The biggest challenge would be being able to fit all the points I want to mention and think are important for my presentation. As for what I like best, is that I can have fun when creating this project by approaching it in a creative way. My personal motivation is to create something that is able to share why immigrants seek to come to America and what they face when they do so. I will be able to do this by using the film I chose, “La Misma Luna”, to add onto the purpose of this project.

Blog 11

For my remix project, I haven’t quite decided. I think the general direction is of my research paper, which is about luxury and dissipation. I did mention the book, “The Great Gatsby,” in my paper. The book was made into a movie, so I decided to make a video, which I will probably present as a slideshow and add some video footage. I plan to use text narration to reflect the characters and glamorous scenes to reflect luxury and dissipation. I should use iMovie to edit my video, mainly to show the impact of Luxury and Dissipation on people’s lives and why people would pursue money. Then I will talk about the impact of money on different aspects of our lives and how many people lose themselves in the process of pursuing money.

I am very interested in this project because I think the mix of sound and visuals will be very rich for expressing my thoughts, and then the text explanation is not able to fully express all the feelings, only when expressing some columns, such as when most of the characters will appear in a luxurious party scene, enjoying the fun, etc. I plan to use iMovie to edit my videos. In addition, I will use some filters or special effects to apply to my video, so that the feeling of watching it is not just a single one, but rich in content and scenes.

The biggest challenge for me in this article so far is that it’s hard to find shots that reflect that feeling and show exactly how I see life in this way. And then how to integrate the photos, text, and video together is going to be a huge challenge. I think it would be a lot of fun to turn text into video to make people more impressed and experience something different.


Blog 11

I am planning to make a short video using IMovie that will illustrate my argument and texts you analyzed and used for support in my previous project. I’m going to remix my second paper that focused on how Childish Gambino attempted to expose the truth on how America deals with their problems, how their is still racism in society, and how police only protect one race and not the other. I would want to make it more interesting this time though by deep diving into the individual scenes where he is portraying different events that actually have occurred. I had a nice take on these scenes in my essay but I feel that it would bring more interest and eyes if I demonstrate them during my video. In my research paper, I feel that I focused more on everything he was trying to convey with the music video and the message he was trying to send. However, this is a perfect opportunity to actually go deeper with the different dances and scenes that occurred during the video.

What I’m trying to convey is that Gambino put everything in his music video on purpose and everything was used as a tactic . Which is why I will take a deeper dive with the individual scenes while comparing them to the actual events that took place. The rhetorical choices that I will make will include audio , text, photos and video because I will demonstrate to the audience on what Gambino was doing.  Remaking my work into Multimedia will change my project because it allows me to be more creative and demonstrate more then just writing as I did for my previous paper. I don’t think there’s much gone but what I’m gaining is much more freedom to elaborate on what I previous wanted to show to the reader.

I am actually excited to use IMovie for this project because I have done it in the past and it shouldn’t be that hard to complete this. I get to elaborate while showing the scenes that transpired during the Music video so I am also excited for that. The only challenge I see would be the editing part to make sure the Video goes well.