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Thank God It’s Friday. One of the most overplayed, yet classic sayings that truly defines a person’s emotions and experiences from the current week. Whether it’s yelled in the subway station or overheard in a nearby stranger’s phone conversation, this phrase resonates the feelings of working class people and their unashamed, honest excitement that it’s finally the end of the week and the coveted weekend can begin once again.

So picture this- It’s Friday night, you’re hanging out with the girls, filled with happiness and laughter from indulging in way too many cupcakes and coffee, and distracted with your friend’s favorite retelling of the funny adventures you had together last weekend. It’s after 7 p.m. and the next activity of the night continues as you travel to the café for a causal-style seating show to hear live music.  

Friday night should become the optimal day to meet up and have an extreme girl’s night out. Thankfully 92Y Tribeca provides patrons with a versatile, yet fresh option for a fun evening activity and destination. Over the years, 92Y Tribeca has swiftly transformed into a well-known, community platform and arts center that regularly host several engaging author panels and ticketed social events. Since its first event in 2009, the establishment has provided their monthly Live at the Café series which has been very positive and beneficial for various young, up and coming musicians residing in the city.

Some of the past live music events included performances by local artists such as Brooke Campbell, JP Schlegelmilch and Jason Myles Goss. As a previous attendant of the past live audience event featuring Brooke Campbell; I can say that the event delivered on its promise, it was certainly a very engaging and energetic musical night. What I enjoyed most about the event, was sitting up close and personal and listening to Brooke Campbell’s original songs. She truly is a class act performer.

Surprisingly, the café is comprised of an intimate, yet coffee-house style audience setting and has friendly customer service at the food counter. For newcomers, this event may feel similar to attending a movie screening at your local theatre except here you can enjoy a performance filled with enticing beats accompanied with a personal pan pizza, a glass of wine or espresso. 

“After attending one of our events at the café, people have visited again with friends,” says Patty. Patty is a current staff member and works with the customer service team at 92y Tribeca’s downtown location. During our discussion, she gossips about their upcoming events in the café.  She says, “Along with the Live at the café series, the center consistently welcomes a large crowd for their popular ticketed musician events that are held each month. There is a wide, growing list of independent singers and bands that perform at the café, and further event details are listed for public view on our website”.  

92Y Tribeca has definitely become an animated local spot for music and entertainment. I completely admire and appreciate their grand mission statement that states their need “To bring together and inspire a diverse community of people from New York City and beyond by providing exceptional programs across the spectrum—in the arts and culture, Jewish life and education, health and fitness and personal growth and travel”.     

This year, the center offered numerous affordable, family-friendly interactive events for the younger children. For instance, the center provides great kids and adult workshops where you can sign up and join one of several hands-on, instructional sessions for beginners who have an interest in playing a sensational instrument.  “92Y Tribeca has successfully implemented a productive, yet comfortable venue for many local New York natives to visit and enjoy with friends and family,” said Patty. Furthermore, with the economy at its increasing level of improvement more events like this should be offered for New York residents and music lovers alike.

To find out more information for upcoming events at the café, you can view the calendar inclusive of a list of all upcoming artists’ performances on the center’s website. Or call their number, 212-601-1000. Be sure to look out for local urban blogs in your area to learn about some of the live events offered to the public.

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    I always hear about 92Y, but have never had the chance to go. This piece definitely makes me want to check it out.

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