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The Wasp Lost Its Wings

After watching the film, “The Wasp,” and especially being told that it won an Oscar for best Live Action film in years past, I truthfully feel like it didn’t take off. Though my perspective is limited and I have an inexperienced view on short films, I personally feel there was much missing. For such a lengthy short, it lacked the strong background story as to why Zoe was without the father of her kids or why they lived they so harshly.

I’ve learned not to expect too much detail from a short film seeing the average can run around 15 minutes, but come on, there was no clinging of emotion. Where were the comical side remarks here or there, the feeling of anger from abuse or neglect, the sigh of relief for a successful turnout at the end.

It was almost as if her actions were okay, as a bad mother, by the way the film end. Yes, there was the woman that could be imagined by the viewer, standing out to alert and challenge the mother for not properly taking care of her kids, but what lesson was learned.

In the 2011 Oscars section for live action short films, each nomination in some way could’ve debated to have some lesson or at least understanding of the human condition. However, where is that in “The Wasp.” The mother barely has money to feed her kids only providing them with chips and a single glass of coke. She leaves her kids recklessly in the parking lot for hours on end while she relives fast moments of freedom before having kids I suppose.

I personally feel this film was an upset in its seeming lack of direction or imagination. Though the filmmaker did manage to capture some heartfelt emotion in the mother’s eyes and actions, I couldn’t help but feel my skin slightly crawl as the uplifting music at the end presents the thought that it’s okay to be a bad parent.

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The Theater Missed in the Blink of an Eye

The IFC center has a different aura of sorts, unique variety of snacks, smaller theaters and more personal connection with the employees. Seeing five live action short films in the IFC had a different vibe from the ordinary big screen feel that comes to mind when watching a renowned movie.

If one could imagine buying a large 72 inch flat screen television and gathering enough folding chairs, which would be the equivalent of one of theater sections in the IFC. Not to say this is a flaw, the small screen and number of seats gave off the hint of being at home, watching a movie rather than being in a large public space. Though the IFC theater is small it still fights to keep itself alive.

I do believe the films played in the exclusive center also plays as a factor when looking at the general size and concepts of the theater. Taking a walk into the small building, it is clear to see an establishment solely looking out for those trying break into Hollywood.

Independent film posters riddle the small maze like halls, and various amounts of information on tables at nearly every corner, inform people on current and upcoming shows. Though the ticket prices were outrageous being $14.00 when purchasing off the internet nonetheless, I can see where the proceeds go or at least where I hope they go.

The food was quite expensive, but from I heard it may have been worth the money. Organic popcorn was one the few unusual snacks found among a variety of candies and drinks. Inside the theater was very comfortable. Less seats packed in a small area allowed for much more leg room than the typical multiplex. My legs were fully extended in such a way that a nap seemed only minutes away. The previews were very short, only two to be exact which is my personal favorite about going to the movies, but all in all it was an interesting and comfortable experience.

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