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Collaborative Resource Creation

Activity aim:  To co-create, consolidate, and review key concepts; to give students a way to refer back to previous concepts that they may have missed or misunderstood; to facilitate class community and collaboration

Materials: Pen and paper

Time: ongoing (can be assigned for homework, or used in class)

Activity Description:

1. As an exit ticket assignment, ask students to generate 1-2 key words, concepts, or phrases that were important to understand in the class so far.

2. Make a list of these words, concepts, or phrases in a Google Doc. Feel free to add your own, too. Copy / paste in the following instructions in the doc as well:

“In this doc, you should define the following terms in your own words. Please copy and paste your term below the bold dotted line so that it’s easy to see which terms are still undefined. If there is no term left to define, read some of the already-defined terms and consider adding an example, a question, or a clarification via the comment feature. You are also free to add your own terms and to define them. Write your first initial and last name next to the word(s) you define.”

4. For homework, students edit the Google Doc adding their own definitions for each of the terms, extending the definitions of others, and / or adding examples or links to readings, etc.

5. In class, you can use these definitions (especially those that are really good examples or not quite right yet) as a starting place to review key concepts, check understanding, and offer correction.

Image Credit: JD Hancock, Flickr Creative Commons

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