Journal #3

The faculty who serve Baruch can have a lot to share if only a student asks them. I agree they can provide a lot of help in certain situations.

For the project, our contact Kate Suhr gave us additional info about God’s Love We Deliver in addition to that posted on their website. As support centers as in help, I haven’t sought any for this project although I may do so if I think it would help me on my assignment in the future.

Since the beginning of this fall semester, I have attended Large groups at Intervarsity Christian Fellowship. It’s probably one of the bigger student run clubs at Baruch and they have fliers out everywhere. On Thursdays during club hours, they usually have something unique every week, such as a guest speaker or a specific issue they want to address that week. I’ve found it to be a welcome break in my busy schedule.

First, having a fuller experience at Baruch can make you feel more at home and more comfortable when needing to request help, for example. Through clubs, you can make a few friends who share the same interests as you obviously and friends who have common interests have the most to talk about which can further increase your knowledge of business at Baruch and in general. As a demonstration, I learned that actuarial science is an area of study that’s really similar to accounting even though the name does not suggest it being a math related major.

Based on the vast number of organizations founded and run much like God’s Love We Deliver, to provide for the poor and handicapped or elderly in New York City, I began to get a sense of how many people want to help when they discover the reality of certain people’s lives.

In the next 3 years I hope I will find my place at Baruch and most importantly, settle on career goals and such because after school is finished in 3 years, work is most likely next in line.

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