Journal Entry #3

From this community service research project, I have personally learned how to utilize the resources that are available here at Baruch. More specifically, as a group, we utilized the Baruch volunteer fair and have were able to receive a much clearer idea of the nature of different service opportunities.  Without the volunteer fair, it would have been much more difficult to reach out to the respective organizations in order to acquire more information. Having the convenience of service organizations setting up a table at the fair removes the need to reach out electronically to get information. Being able to speak with a representative of each organization allows for a greater amount of human interaction and provides a more direct line of communication.

I have been participating in Alpha Kappa Psi, a professional business fraternity here at Baruch College. Although the organization stresses professional development, there is a very prevalent service component. We have already participated in a large number of service events each tackling a different set of issues. For example, we recently had the opportunity to volunteer at a women’s shelter in Brooklyn providing for those who had been displaced from their homes. Alpha Kappa Psi also had a can drive to provide for the homeless during the winter holiday season. One more event in the future is the Jingle Bell Walk that raises awareness and money for arthritis. Apart from the community service opportunity for Baruch Scholars, I plan on helping out in the service events held by Alpha Kappa Psi.

I see myself graduating in three years going into a full-time job at either a tech company or a financial services company. Prior to graduation I envision myself interning at J.P. Morgan or Barclays Capital. I see myself as a part of the Financial Leadership Program which helps prepare me for these internships. Last but not least, I see at least a semester studying abroad under my belt. I want to travel to another country as an exchange student learning language, culture, and most importantly, tasting the wonderful food.