Journal #3

Believe it or not, finding volunteering opportunities is actually kind of hard. not only was it hard to pick something to volunteer for, but it was even harder to find an organization in that field. anytime someone recommended something, it was usually an area they secretly wanted to participate it. We ended up picking something that one of the group members had already done before. During the process though, we realized how many adults were around to help us decide. Mr.Medina and the Volunteer fair were two examples of really helpful resources. it helped my realize that the faculty and staff is there to help the students and they will do everything they can to do so. it made me feel more comfortable and open to going to a teacher for help should i encounter a problem in the future.(for our specific project, the veterans office appeared especially interesting/useful).

i unfortunately have not joined a student club and i don’t know how this project has given me an edge in my other classes. other than the fact that i have learned to have more patience when working in group projects. being a part of this project has opened my eyes to what it really means to give back. many times people give back because they have to and not because they want to. picking a cause that we all felt passionate about made it so we could really appreciate the effect of the help we were giving. the people in need REALLY appreciate ANYTHING you give them and seeing that really makes you appreciate everything you have. it also helps you realize the effect you have on the people around you.

in three years, i hope to be applying for graduate school. i would want a few internships under my belt and to be confident in what i want to do when i grow up. i hope to still be here at baruch in the honors program and excelling in all my classes. i hope i have gained a lot of experience through all the culture events and volunteering i will do over the years. i also hope somewhere in the future i can find a way to make time and join a club i feel passionate about.